Supply chain planning can be complex but our expertise can guide you through

Supply chains are a complex network of companies, people, resources, systems and information. The potential for disconnects and sub-optimisation between all of these different elements is significant, and efficient supply chain planning is a necessity. The team at Paul Trudgian are here to ensure your supply chain is optimised and efficient.

Supply chain planning covers the interrelation of functions at a strategic, tactical and operational level. These functions include customer service, order processing, warehousing, transportation, and inventory whilst the supply chain processes that make the interrelation include forecasting, supply scheduling, capacity planning, production scheduling, inventory management and logistics network design.

How our consulting team can help your business improve supply chain performance

Effective supply chain planning is the ‘glue’ that ensures physical logistics operations are synchronised with the cost and service drivers of a business. Supply chain planning processes should always be designed to be simple, efficient and, of course, effective.

Our supply chain consultants have a wealth of experience in all aspects of planning efficient and effective supply chains; from designing distribution centres through to aligning strategy and operations with S&OP platforms, our consulting team can help you with:

Inventory is often one of the most expensive assets a company owns and all inventory should be justified and optimised. We can deliver the modelling, process and implementation of an efficient and optimised inventory policy, helping you to improve service and reduce working capital.

Our team are experts in inventory optimisation, working with both SMEs and major international corporations. We know exactly how to balance inventory cost with service and get the right inventory levels at the right points in the supply chain. If you’re struggling with slow moving and obsolete stock or inventory levels that are generally too high then read more about how we can help you on our inventory optimisation section.

Our team can build robust and dynamic statistical models for generating sales forecasts and we can support that with the development of processes to ensure the forecast has cross-functional approval. Read more about demand forecasting.

Many businesses operate with legacy ERP systems that either do not have production planning functionality, or the functionality is not comprehensive enough. Our supply chain consultants are able to both map and design required planning processes, from strategic S&OP down to production schedule execution, and also develop tools to facilitate these processes. You can read more about our service in the production planning section.

We have extensive experience of designing and implementing S&OP, with an industry proven 5 step approach. Read more about our S&OP consultancy.

Our consultants can optimise and help integrate acquisitions into existing logistics networks. From facility location decisions through to fleet profiling and route optimisation. Read more about our logistics network design consultancy.

Our team of experts can manage the full outsourcing process for you. From building a business case for outsourcing through to full tender management and supporting contract arrangement. Read more about our logistics outsourcing consultancy.

Inefficient transport routes impact both service and cost. Our consulting team can, through systems driven analysis, determine the optimal fleet profile and transport routes for any trunking or delivery operation. Read more about our transport consultancy.

Efficient warehouse and distribution centre facilities are critical in any supply chain. Incorrect layouts, racking configurations and MHE selection can have a dramatic impact to labour efficiency, throughput, storage and operating costs. Our team have decades of experience both optimising existing facilities and designing brand new facilities. Read more about our warehouse design consultancy.

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