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The 3rd party logistics (3PL) market is in rapid growth and the need for 3PLs to develop increasingly innovative logistics solutions is critical to success in the 3PL market. Being competitive in this marketplace is not solely about pricing, but rather it is about demonstrating ingenuity and responsiveness in solution designs.

3PL solutions need to have the agility to respond to the increasingly high service expectations of end customers, and that agility must also be coupled with resource and cost efficiency.

In order to be truly competitive and differentiate in the market, 3PL solution design must also now extend beyond the traditional provision and management of the physical assets in a logistics network. Solution design must also consider opportunities for improving service through the deployment of the latest IT platforms, and the 3PL providers need to consider how they can bring further value through supporting procurement, returns processing, inventory management and demand planning in multi-channel environments.

How our logistics consultants can help your solution development team

All of our logistics consultants have a career background in the 3PL sector – both in business development and operations. This, combined with our consulting experience of tendering logistics opportunities, gives our team an unparalleled perspective in how to design agile, efficient and innovative solutions. Furthermore, due to our experience on ‘both sides of the fence’, we can provide real insight on how to best approach logistics contract opportunities and how to maximise conversion.

Our logistics consultants can undertake specific pieces of analysis and modelling – from transport fleet profiling through to warehouse design – or can undertake full solution modelling along with completion of all tender documentation. Please click on the tabs below to read about specific areas of solution design our logistics consultants can provide:

Our team can design the optimal fleet profile, positioning and routing for any transport network requirement. From dynamically routed radial deliveries, through to trunk networks, our consulting team can assess all potential variables and design the most efficient transport solution. Read more about our transport routing services.

Using our own proprietary modelling tools, our consultants are able to determine the optimal number, size and location of warehouses required within a logistics network. We are able to deliver detailed optimisation modelling for locating warehouses in the network considering key variables such as inbound transport cost, outbound transport cost, warehouse cost and service lead time parameters. Read more about warehouse location analysis.

Our team have significant expertise in warehouse design. We are able to fully assess operational profiles and generate detailed CAD models, specifying size, layout and storage and handling solutions. Furthermore, we can determine required labour inputs and produce detailed cost models covering all required capital and operating expenditures. Read more about warehouse design.

In any 3PL solution there needs to be efficient design of the physical asset requirements, but also efficient design of the working processes. Our consulting team can assess and design appropriate working processes, from development of Standard Operating Procedures through to process optimisation utilising methodologies such as Kaizan, Six Sigma and TQM. Read more about warehouse operations management.

Let us support your solution design team

We understand the pressures of having multiple tenders and tight deadlines. Our team can support you in every aspect of the solution design process and we’re here to help. Call us on +256703673864 or use our contact form: