Supply Chain & Logistics Project Management

Objective delivery in supply chain and logistics development is often a project orientated environment requiring structured and professionally delivered project management.

Project management is a professional discipline within itself, requiring skills in people management, stakeholder engagement, budget control, scheduling and risk mitigation.

The consultants at Nile Links International Consultancy Ltd are highly skilled and experienced in managing logistics and supply chain projects – from the commissioning of new warehouse facilities through to the implementation of S&OP and IBP processes. Our team fully understand, and can manage on our client’s behalf, every stage of project management ensuring that objectives are appropriately planned, organised and controlled.

How Our Consultants Can Help

Our consultants apply rigorous project management methodologies, taking every project through the 5 key stages of conception, definition, commencement, performance and completion. All projects require a controlled and measured delivery, and this is exactly what our consulting team will ensure. Across every stage of the project the team will manage task assignment, timing, communication, risks and budgets. Read the tabs below to understand how our consultants can help at each key project stage:

The first phase of any project is conception – what needs to be achieved? With our clients, very often the project definition is a result of objectives we have previously identified through our consultancy practice. This may be a program of inventory reduction, the set-up of new distribution facilities or the deployment of a new transport network. Regardless of what the concept is, our consulting team will ensure there is a clearly defined business case, with cost-benefit analysis where appropriate, fully justifying the project and clearly detailing the project objectives.

Following Project Conception, our team will progress to producing a Project Definition. This definition will include a detailed description of the results to be produced, a list of the tasks to be achieved and the budget constraints that need to be worked to. Once these elements have been agreed, our team will produce a project schedule and organise the project governance, including identifying stakeholders and agreeing how communications will be managed.

Once the project has been fully defined, and all project governance requirements put in place, the project is ready to commence. In the commencement stage our consultants will fully engage the project team, assign people to project roles, set up tracking tools for schedules and budgets and release required communications.

As the project progresses, our consultants will continuously measure, manage and report the performance of the project. This will be achieved through structured review sessions and tracking of schedules and budgets against plan. Further to this, our team will also fix any issues that may arise with specific tasks or resources and will also maintain risk mitigation plans through a risk and issue register.

As the project concludes we will undertake a structured sign-off process, ensuring that all stakeholders are satisfied that objectives have been met. Where appropriate, we will also put into place ongoing performance measurement indicators to ensure that the delivered change is maintained in accordance with the original objective.